At Grapevine Goldens, our pups are family raised in our home and is a task we take very seriously.  Puppies are raised in our home, under my constant supervision and care.  After a litter as been born, I jokingly say to my husband, “See you in 9 weeks!” LOL!! Our program is very labor intensive. We do all we can to prepare the little ones for working, showing, and the world in general, as part of a family through good nutrition, care, love, grooming, socialization and enrichment experiences.  Enrichment activities, we believe, help develop the pups brains, builds intelligence, confidence, problem solving skills, and teaches the pups to learn to learn. It also gets them fully ready to experience the big world!  Using early stimulation techniques, problem solving toys and games; puppy agility equipment; daily walks and swimming (weather permitting) exposure to game birds and gun shot noise, as well as daily household noises. Each puppy receives individual alone time with us, and are socialized with friends and family (and children of all ages!) and approved adult dogs.

They are well on their way to basic obedience training by using shaping techniques, as well as being potty trained and exposed to crates.  All puppies are given the APET personality/aptitude/temperament test to ensure we match the perfect pup to you.  We want every placement to be a successful one!  Every step of the way, we try our best to keep those in the waiting pool updated with photos of the litter, too!

We follow the Avidog’s transformational program for breeding and rearing puppies. When our puppies leave us, they are self-assured, confident and resilient!  You can learn more about the program by visiting their website:  There is also alot of great, free information available to you!

Pups go home between the 8th to 10th weeks of age, but this does depend on each litter’s best interests.  It is very important for the pups to stay with parents and siblings at LEAST their 8th week, as there is much to learn during this time.  On your visit, we will be able to answer any questions you may have, discuss your questionnaire/contract, and help you better prepare yourselves for the day your baby comes home. You should plan on your visit lasting between 1-2 hours. Of course, our commitment to our puppies does not end when you take him or her home.  We are always available for help and advice through the life of your puppy.