A word about commercial breeders….aka…puppy mills:

Sad to say it, but in the area in which I live there are a lot of “puppy mills” or what some refer to as commercial breeders.  These are large scale operations, mostly on Amish farms where I live.  Pups are sold in auction type settings or through puppy brokers, then sold to outlets such as pet stores (ie, PetLand, etc) or online puppy sales, such as PuppyFinder.  Despite what is claimed, online sites such as this, or pet shops sell pups from mills, period, not professional, caring, reputable breeders with fine, healthy, quality nor “champion” dogs!  Breeding dogs are not health-tested, bred for temperament or health, nor bred with any thought in mind except profits.

We here at Grapevine DO NOT SELL TO PET STORES, brokers, auctions or any where else besides directly to  the families that we personally meet with and approve.  Unfortunately, several times a year I do receive phone calls from people who have bought a puppy from online or in a pet shop and were told upon asking that the “breeder” was from my town.  THIS IS NOT ME, but one of the puppy mill operations near me in my town.   There is also an Amish “breeder” who uses, or has used the pre-fix “Grapevine” with her puppies.  THIS IS NOT ME EITHER!  Our registered kennel name is “Grapevine’s”, NOT “Grapevine”.

Please, I beg you, do your research thoroughly before acquiring a new puppy.  Visit the Golden Retriever Club of America’s website at this link and read all the valuable information there on how to find a reputable breeder and learn if the breed is the right one for you.  Feel free to contact me, too, and I will do everything I can to help you make an good, informed decision!


Being a member of the GRCA, I do not agree with the practice of breeding doodles.  I am sure pet owners of doodles love them very much and they probably are nice pets.  However, if you are looking for a nice, mix-breed pet, there are so many that need good homes without paying a ridiculous amount of money for. This this the statement put forth by the GRCA, and it is well worth your time to read: link.  I could not have said it better myself.  Interestingly enough, the man who is credited with the creation of the doodle dog deeply regrets his actions.  READ THIS!

English Creams:

There is not really any such  thing as an “English Cream” golden retriever!  Once again, the GRCA explains perfectly HERE.  I happen to own a cream-colored golden retriever at this time, however, at Grapevine, we do not breed for color. Period.  We breed for health, longevity, temperament, structure, and natural work ethic of a gun dog.  The color of the dog’s coat has ZERO to do with any of these things! – Website for your Kennel

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