Coming after the Oct 2020 GRCA National, we have plans to breed Tang to Cruz!  Come back for more info.  We are also hoping for a DeeDee litter after the National.


Below is information about our past litters.  You can visit our Facebook/Grapevine Goldens page to view videos and photos of past pups and their families!

If we do not have puppies available, please contact the Golden Retriever Club of America for a breeder referral in your area.

THE “D” LITTER, aka The Mediterranean Litter

BISS GCH Toasty’s Massimo “Imo”


Sterre Mighty Aphrodite JH, CCA, Can. JH, Can. WC “DeeDee”

**Updated July 4th DeeDee blessed us with 6 little firecrackers! 3 Boys and 3 Girls. All puppies have homes waiting.

DeeDee comes from long lines of Goldens that are proven to be of excellent type, structure, longevity, as well as, stellar Golden temperament and natural working ability. Dee is no exception! She is a dynamo in the field and a sweet, loving companion at home.  Imo also comes from similar lines, and is a moderate, lovely boy with tons of energy, biddability and athleticism. He was chosen for his outstanding structure that compliments Dee, as well as his personality and pedigree packed with health, talent and structure.  We are expecting some gorgeous, classic style conformation prospects, as well as some very biddable and hard working dogs from this litter.  Beauty and brains, this litter will have it ALL!! Litter Pedigree:

**Note** Imo DOES have all his health clearances, and up-to-date, but his K9-Data page is not current. Scans available of certs.


PUPPIES ARE HERE!!! Truly gave us a litter of 9 big, healthy beautiful babies on Feb 6th! 6 Boys and 3 Girls

**All puppies have been placed**

SHR GCh Tidewaters Five O BookEm Danno RE JH CGN CDX WCI DD TD BDD VCX  “Danno”


SHR Grapevine’s The Rumors Are True BN, CD, RN, JH, SH, WC, WCX,VC, CCA  “Truly”

Click Photo above for Litter Pedigree


We are so excited to announce a confirmed pregnancy between Danno and Truly!!!  Now accepting applications for working, hunting homes and active pet homes.

I saw Danno’s pedigree link on a group I follow on FB, and wow did he stop me in my tracks! After looking over his pedigree, and speaking to owner, Jill, I knew he was the one! Danno is a very moderate, classic looking boy with superior structure, functional coat, good length of leg, beautiful movement, keen intelligence, natural hunting abilities, biddability, courage, strong work ethic, and yet, a fun-loving—if not silly—boy who is loved by all who meet him. Happy in the duck blind, and the living room rug, Danno has a fantastic off switch between work and home. Danno has a fantastic work ethic, yet, he is not an over-the-top, super high-drive golden—in other words, he is a dog you can live with! He is a fun, loving, gentle boy at home and a fast dynamo in the field or obedience ring.  Danno is the epitome of a well-rounded “do it all” golden! I am beyond thrilled and excited to have this breeding, not only for the health, longevity of the pedigree and wonderful working dogs behind these two dogs, but it puts together all I want in my breeding program and for the breed I love in general.

Accepting applications for this very talented litter now. The girls are tentatively spoken for, and we have openings for 5 boys.  We expect some amazing hunting partners, obedience and performance puppies, as well as pets for active homes from this breeding.


SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!! Just look at the happy couple. Love!




BISS GCH Richwood Wing-T Workin’ Like a Dog MH WCX *** DDHF, Can. WC


SHR Grapevine’s The Rumors Are True BN, RN, JH, SH, WC


Truly x Bally

I am thrilled to announce that Truly delivered four beautiful pups on Nov 14, 2017! 3 boys and 1 girl.  Bally is a gorgeous boy, son of 2 Dual Dog Hall of Famers.   He presents excellent movement and structure with a proper retriever coat.  He is also the youngest golden in the history of the breed to achieve a Grand Champion title and a Master Hunter Title, and only golden to achieve both 100% owner handled.  In his owner’s words, he is fast, athletic, super marker, honest in water with canny intelligence.  Bally, like Truly, takes corrections well and bounces back quickly.   Puppies from this litter are expected to excel in performance trials and hunt tests, as well as make excellent home companions and real-life hunting partners. I expect these pups to be good looking, focused, fast, confident, and smart, with excellent work and water ethics.   You can view the litter pedigree by clicking on the photo of couple above. Thank you, Anney Douchette for allowing us to use your wonderful boy!

Litter Sire, Bally

The “A” Litter 2014

OTCH Highroller’s Black Jack UDX2, JH, WC, NA, NAJ, OM2, OBHF “Jack”


Our Golden Opportunity Maggie Jo CGC, BN “Maggie”maggie x jack

Performance Litter–Puppies born 2/29/14  Six Girls, Five Boys. We wish to thank Kelly Kosinski at HighRoller Goldens for the use of such an accomplished and special boy!

The “M” Litter 2013

Pathfinder Blazing a New Trail, CGC, BN, RN, CD “Hank”


Our Golden Opportunity Maggie Jo, CGC, BN “Maggie”


Our very first litter born here at Grapevine! Nine Girls, Two Boys born 9/12/13

 The “I” Litter 2014

Pathfinder Blazing a New Trail, CGC, BN, RN, CD “Hank”


Jenny Jo Riley’s Dream Come True, CGC, BN “Riley”

hank x riley

Amazing litter of Eight Girls, Six Boys were born 9/26/2014! This was a repeat breeding, and we were not disappointed!

The “R” Litter

Pathfinder Blazing a New Trail, CGC, BN, RN, CD “Hank”


Jenny Jo Riley’s Dream Come True, CGC, BN “Riley”

riley x hank

Riley’s first litter! Born 9/17/2013 Six Girls, Five Boys.  What an experience! We didn’t think Maggie took, so we also allowed Riley to breed. Surprise! Both girls had litters of 11 each! Needless to say, I was very busy.  🙂