If you are interested in one of our litters, please complete the application below.  It is a long, detailed application, but please know, I do this, for my benefit in matching the puppies to their new homes, as well as to the benefit of the puppies’ well-being.  After you send in your app, I will contact you by phone, email or both.  If you have a question that does not apply, or you cannot answer, simply put an X into the box and we will cover it in a phone interview.   Phone calls and emails with your questions and concerns are always welcome.  Completing an application does not guarantee a puppy. See also our FAQ page.

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***** PLEASE NOTE***** This application has a “save” function for your browser.  If you need to interrupt your progress, simply leave the page open, or you can return to your work later using the same browser…..DO NOT CLEAR YOUR HISTORY OR COOKIES, or your form progress will disappear.  Thank you!