Golden retrievers, especially goldens bred for work and working lines, are NOT for everyone. The focus of our breeding program is to produce good working gun dogs. These goldens are medium to high energy dogs. Since they possess intelligence and high drive, our goldens require lots of attention and exercise, both mentally and physically. Bred to do a job, they need one and need proper training to be happy and well adjusted. Because of these facts, we prefer to place our puppies in homes active in dog sports, such as obedience & agility or hunting. They can be happy in ACTIVE pet homes, provided the new families understand dog energy and training. We truly believe in CONFIDENT dogs that are easy going, able to adapt to their surroundings, have a willingness to work, eager (not hyper or frenzied), keen, biddable, and have an intense desire to retrieve and work alongside their human partners. The dogs we seek to breed understand there is a time to work and a time to relax at home, and can easily and readily switch between the two. With confident, working dog, some degree of independant thinking comes along. We strive for dogs are loving companions, yet not so dependent on their owners that their world comes apart if their masters are not with them.


I am happy to accept applications at any time, as my wait lists fills quickly, however, I do not accept deposits until I confirm a pregnancy. Deposits are $200 of the total cost.  At that time the pregnancy is confirmed, I call those on my list for deposits and entry into the waiting “pool”.  There is no 1st pick, 2nd pick, ect, because I choose the puppy I feel will best fit your family and situation.  As breeder, I always receive 1st pick, as I am breeding for myself. Not everyone who gets into the pool is guaranteed a puppy.  Sometimes that is Mother Nature’s call, sometimes it is the breeders call.  If it comes to be that I do not have a puppy available to you, you have the choice of leaving your deposit with me for my next litter, or a refund of your deposit. Once I feel I have a puppy for you, your deposit becomes non-refundable.  If you would like to review our contract before making a decision, please let us know and we will email or mail you out a copy.  We want the best for the puppies we place. Please also see our “FAQ” page.

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We provide our families with the following:

1. An AKC limited registration for your puppy.  Limited means that the dog is not to be breed, and/or any offspring you may have will not be able to be registered with AKC.  Under contract, you will agree to have your pet spay or neutered after the age of 24 months and not to breed your puppy.   If you choose to alter you puppy before that age, and before all grown of joints and long bones is completed, your health guarantee will be voided.  This is done for the protection of your puppy’s proper growth and development! There are several health benefits to waiting to alter your dog (and to leave them intact for life), such as a reduction in risk of certain cancers.  Your dog will still be able to participate in all AKC performance events, such as Rally, Obedience, Tracking, and Agility~and we highly encourage you to do so! I will consider full registrations to serious show homes only, on a co-ownership basis. I file the paperwork with AKC on your behalf, and the certificate will be mailed to in a few weeks directly from AKC.  At the time the puppy is picked up, I will require $20 to cover the AKC registration fee.  All puppies sold are required to be registered.

2. Information regarding a raw natural diet and starter food.  Your puppy will be weaned to this diet, which as many, many health benefits. However, if you insist your puppy grow up on kibble, we will be happy to help you find the right food.  Regardless, you will need to prepare yourself and your home to continue the raw diet at the time your puppy comes home.  If you do choose to switch your pup to kibble, that is your choice, but the transition needs to be a slow one, to better adjust the puppy and to avoid problems.

3.  A New Puppy Pack full of information and goodies regarding basic care and training of your new family member.

4.  The pup will have had a complete vet exam, worming (a minimum of three times), and first shots and health records. ***UPDATE, we embrace Dr. Jean Dodds’ puppy protocol regarding vaccinations and use titer nomographs on the mother to determine what shots to give the puppies and when.  We do not recommend routine vaccinations.   Learn more about the protocol here.

5.  A copy of your puppy’s pedigree and photos of the parents, as well as copies of the parent’s OFA/Cerf health clearances.

6. Microchipping. We are using the new ProID Mini microchips.  You can register the chip here: and/or you can also register them with the AKC, which I HIGHLY recommend you do.

9. Most importantly, we provide you with a 2 year health guarantee from life threatening congenital diseases of the joints, eyes, and heart, up to the cost of the puppy.  If for any reason within the first 3 days of having your puppy,  your vet finds any health concern or deems your puppy unfit as a pet~we will accept the puppy back for a refund or you may wait on a new puppy from a future litter.  In fact, at anytime you feel you are unable/willing to keep your puppy, for any reason, we want the pup returned to us, so that we can provide the pup with a loving home.

10. Finally, we give you a lifetime of my support and help.  We stand by our puppies and what your relationship to be a successful one.  We are always available to you! All the above items will be fully explained to you before you pick up your puppy, and we would be happy to provide you with a copy of our formal contract at any time prior.

We respectfully request that all our puppy families keep in touch with us! To make it easier, we created a Facebook page for our dogs, where you can connect with new owners and us to share, laugh, and watch the pups progress from birth on. Click here to find it:  Facebook/Grapevine Goldens.  We also have a private, closed group for sharing, just for our families.  Not everyone wants to share to the whole world, but still want to see siblings grow up! This is the perfect place.  An invite to join to will be sent to those on my list who wish to join. We are dedicated to our pups for life, and want you to know that we are always here to help with whatever is needed.  I am sure you will need sound advise and suggestions during your dog’s life, and we are here for you!  Keeping in touch will mean sharing photos and stories about your dog’s growth,personality, accomplishments, and so forth.  This really helps us make sure we are on the right track with our breeding program and what we are producing in order to make sound breeding decisions for our future.  Besides~it’s fun! 😉