Because of our passion and belief in feeding a raw, natural diet to our dogs, we have decided to offer to the public bulk foods for dogs.  We offer only human grade meats of high quality.  Because of our purchase power in bulk, we can pass these savings on to our families and friends. There are so many benefits to a raw diet: healthy growth rates for best joint health; clean teeth, healthy weight, strong, lean muscles, beautiful coats, and not to mention the cost advantage.  For more info, please visit our Links page!

Products below come in 50 pound blocks for best price savings.  I know, you are thinking, “What would I do with 50 pounds of dog meat??”  The answer is simple: thaw slightly and repackage into smaller containers for feeding.  I find all sorts of reusable containers for free at my local recycling center.  Ice cream buckets are my favorite!  We do not ship our dog foods, but can help you by making deliveries to a defined area for orders over 300#. 

The products listed are priced based on total order weight.  Call for availability and pricing, as it is subject to change based on current fuel prices. 

Green Tripe, course ground: 2.50 # price left is 200# or less—price on right, over 300# —-#1.15
Ground Chicken Necks, 1.25#—————-#.85
Chicken Backs, ground or whole, 1.50#————– #.85
Complete Mix Meal 2.25# (tripe, egg, beef, salmon, chicken, liver, turkey, ect.)— #1.50
Whole Ground Salmon, course or fine ground 1.75#————–#.80
Whole Turkey, course ground 1.55# (no heads, feet, feathers)————- #.85
Ground Turkey Boneless, fine (smoked) 1.75#—————- #.80
Ground Beef (85/15) 1.55 #———————-#1.35
Ground Liver 1.12# ————— #.97
Whole Duck Frames  30# box for 56.00
Whole Duck Necks  30# box for 64.00