Grapevine’s Turbocharged


Health Testing

  • OFA Eyes: Normal (3.21)
  • OFA Hips: Too young
  • OFA Elbows: Too young
  • OFA Heart: Too young
  • UC Davis VCL CLEAR: NCL-5, prcd-PRA, PRA 1-2, Ichthyosis, DM, CMS, SAN
  • Correct Bite
Turbo 9 months

Turbo is everything I hoped for from my Cruz x Tang litter! He is very birdy, outgoing, confident and well built little guy! Turbo went to live with his sire, Cruz and co-owner, Carol Hynes and I am very excited to see what they accomplish together!

Basic Info

  • Sire: Lorfield's I Get Around MH40 MNH4 CCA WCX HTHF
  • Dam: Grapevine's I'm No Angel Fish @ Grapevine SH WCX
  • Whelped: July 2, 2020
  • Owners: Carol Hynes/Jamie Bell