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1. Do you have any puppies available now?

See our “Current Litter” page for announcements.  Phone calls and emails are always welcome. You can always follow my Facebook page for updates! 

2. How much are your puppies?

The price of my puppies is $2,800

3. What is the process to get a Grapevine Golden?

The first step is to carefully read through this website and all about the dogs and litters planned.  If my dogs sound like a good match after that preliminary research, the next step is to complete our online application.  Once I have had a chance to review it, I will then contact you to set up a visit/interview, and contact your references.

4. Do I really need to fill out your application? Can't I just come visit?

Yes! You do need to fill out the application! The questionnaire is full of vital insights which help me to determine if one of my pups is likely to be a good fit for your goals, experience, family and living circumstances.  Also, all my pups are raised inside my home.  I really do need information about you before I can be comfortable inviting you into my home!  All new adoptive parents are allowed visits, receive daily updates, photos, videos, and we even set up a live webcam for watching the puppies.  If we cannot meet before pups arrive, we can do Zoom meetings, too.  

5. Do you ship puppies?

No, I prefer not to ship puppies. However, I will consider driving to deliver puppies under certain circumstances, but generally, expect to come to my home to pick up your puppy.  I desire at least one face to face meeting of my families prior to puppies going home.  If distance is an issue, we can always Skype or do Facetime interviews, however, an in-person pick up is required in almost every case.

6. Can I come to visit your kennel?

I do not run a large "kennel", this is simply my home! But, yes, visits are welcome, and you should meet your breeder before deciding on one if at all possible.  I do all I can to accommodate visits, or plan meetings if my travels take me near you.  If I have very young puppies or pregnant moms, for their safety and well-being, I am careful about visits from outsiders and make that judgement on a case-to-case basis.  People on my list will have planned and scheduled visits. If we cannot meet in person, I can do Zoom/Skype video interviews as well. 

7. Why can't I pick my own puppy?

I know how anxious everyone feels when getting a new puppy, and how much you want that puppy to be "perfect".  That is why I raise my puppies in an enriched environment, in which I carefully observe and evaluate them for structure, personality, temperament, work abilities, etc.  In doing so, I know them better than anyone, and therefore, I know in what type of home every puppy will be well-suited.  Also, in making my matches, I will have carefully read over your application and interviewed you several times so I know what type of dog you are looking for--and we do all of this to be able to give each home the puppy they will do best with.  Believe me, I want your relationship to be a life-long successful one, just as much as you do!  I am asking you to trust me, as your breeder and expert in this decision, as I am trusting you with one of my precious puppies! Keep in mind that there are no "pick" or "superior" puppies in my litters...only the RIGHT puppy for you!

8. I am looking for an English Creme only or I'm looking for a dark red only

There is nothing wrong with having a preferred look or color. AfteralI, we are visual creatures! I breed according to the Golden Retriever breed standard, and the standard accepts a large color range from pale gold to deep red.  While I can predict colors, it's unpredictable what we will get.  Coat color doesn't actually fully develop until the age of 4 or 5 either! It is our hope that you have fully vetted your breeder, and therefore TRUST your breeder and his or her decisions and opinions as to which puppy is right for your home. We do not match puppies with homes based on coat color, but we do take your likes into consideration.  From our experience with dogs, we know that each puppy’s temperament, structure and health are what make a dog fit well in its home. 

9. Your site states your prefer placing puppies in working homes. I just want a pet and do not hunt or work my dog. Can I be considered for you puppies?

OF COURSE!   The great things about Goldens is their desire to be with people, please their people, and excellent demeanor.  This makes Goldens the perfect family pet!  However, with that said, these are mostly working line Goldens.  Driven Golden Retrievers can be good, active companions.  Because I am selecting for the drive and trainability needed to be a good hunting or performance dog, my Goldens tend to be more active, or what some might deem "busy".  My dogs thrive on having a job to do, and are best suited to a home where they will get lots of training and work to provide mental and physical stimulation.  They enjoy hunting/hunt tests/field trials and the training needed for that, as well as obedience and other active sports.  They tend to get rather bored and can be destructive if asked to be "coach potatoes" for too long.  With appropriate outlets for their energy, and training to focus their minds, they do have an off switch when at home, but only with that combination of mental and physical activity.

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