Stud Dogs


Health Results

  • CHIC #164802
  • OFA Eyes: Clear 2021
  • OFA Hips: Excellent
  • OFA Elbows: Normal
  • OFA Heart: Normal, Echo
  • Genetically Clear by Parents: NCL-5, Ich 1; prcd-PRA; PRA 1-2
  • Correct Scissor Bite~Full Denition
Obi golden retriever stud dog

Obi is a lovely boy with a stellar Golden temperament.  A UKC conformation Champion competing in AKC Agility, dock diving, conformation (pointed!) and now scentwork. A very fit and moderate boy, with a functional coat.  Standing at 23" and 70 pounds.  Classic headpiece, level topline, smooth movement, nice balance and angulations. Obi resides in Michigan with owners/trainers/handlers Ken & Keri Forfinski.

Obi stud dog


Health Results

  • CHIC #146430
  • OFA Eyes: Clear 2019
  • OFA Hips: Fair
  • OFA Elbows: Normal
  • OFA Heart: Normal, Echo
  • Genetically clear: NCL~5
  • Correct Scissor Bite~Full Denition
AKC agility

Competing in hunt tests, agility, scentwork, obedience, Gauge is an all around dog--not to mention a great farm hand!  Easy going boy with a heart of gold.  Standing at the top of the standard, Gauge is a very fit boy with a level topline, moderate coat, well balanced.  Beautiful head.  Gauge lives in Tennessee with owners John and Katie Zavaro.


Health Results

  • CHIC #
  • OFA Eyes: Clear
  • OFA Hips: Too Young
  • OFA Elbows: Too Young
  • OFA Heart: Too Young
  • Genetically clear: NCL~5; DM; PRA 1~2; prcd~PRA, Ichthyosis 1
  • Correct Scissor Bite~Full Denition
Turbo water entry

Turbo is still underage, and will not be made available at stud until he is over the age of 2 and passes all required health testing.  However, we think he is a real up and coming boy and one to watch!  Biddable, intelligent, eager and energetic partner.  Will compete with owner/trainer/handler, Carol Hynes in Senior Spring of 2022.  Beautiful boy! Well balanced, lovely head, moderate, functional coat.  Turbo resides in WI with co-owner, Carol.