Written by Tracy Calhoun, Sutter Bay Retrievers







I just want to commend Jamie and her family for this litter. It is rare for us to get a puppy from outside lines, so it was important to find a breeder I was comfortable with, raised puppies like we do, and who would work with me. I share this with everyone (it’s a “don’t try this at home” video 😂) to give you an idea of the rather chaotic environment Rue will be raised in. Temperament is huge, as we ask a lot of the dogs here. What has been phenomenal over the past six days is watching how Rue is able to temper her responses to the situation, amazing for a young puppy. The puppies here are 4 weeks younger, and while she has been able to interact for a minute or two (closely supervised to make sure her arousal level stays low) she is mouthing them quite gently, given her alligator teeth. This is a situation you wouldn’t want to do unless you knew exactly how to handle it, as a puppy of such a different size could accidentally hurt a smaller one. Then, she ramps up her play level with the big dogs, and then will hang out respectfully with our 16 and 4 month old girl. Hubby calls her an “old soul”. It is phenomenal and I now am glad I had Danno on one of my test breedings. Rue will be doing some puppy visits for the next 3 months under my therapy dog Puppy Partner credential, including going to the Hospice House on one of my days off.

Thanks again Jamie!   (Video omitted, Comments used by permission, FB post)

Written by Ken & Kerri Forfinski:

Jamie matched us with one of her pups last year.  He is wonderful! The idea of not picking my own pup was new to me, but it works! Who knows the pups better than the breeder who spends everyday working with them? We are looking forward to being matched with another one of her pups in the near future.  She is a very dedicated breeder!

Written by Carla Hack 2014

Jack x Maggie Litter:Carla Hack, you chose Jasper for me and he is a perfect fit! I would love to see his full potential knowing who his parents are, but I don’t have the time or the money to go that route! He has turned into such a wonderful, loving companion, I wouldn’t trade him for anything! You chose him because you knew in your heart that we needed each other and I love you and thank you every day!

Written by Ben and Katie Waits on Jan. 21, 2015

Our puppy from Grapevine Goldens is the real deal. Jamie did such a great job from start to finish. We knew that our little girl, Mazie, was taken care of the moment she was born. Jamie was also wonderful to work with. While excitement teemed at home in anticipation for Mazie to come home, Jamie posted plenty of videos and pictures to keep us posted. Jamie was also full of advice and knowledge, evidenced by the wonderful packet of information every puppy parent got at pick up. Even my veterinarian was commenting on how beautiful and smart Mazie was. I would HIGHLY recommend Grapevine Goldens for your next family pup!

Written by Bill and Linda Kern on Jan. 16, 2015