SHR Grapevine’s The Rumors Are True BN, CD, RN, JH, SH, WC, WCX, VC, CCA
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Whelped: 03/29/14
prcd-PRA, PRA-1, PRA-2 Clear; Iccthyosis, Carrier (Optigen)

Embark Full Panel DNA, including NCL & DM: CLEAR

OFA Clearances Link

Hips: Excellent; Elbows, Normal; Eyes (5.19), Normal; Heart, Normal

Thyroid Gold Passing Certificate (HEMOLIFE) 4/24/2018



4 Years of Age

2018 GRCA National Triathlon Award Recipient

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Had a GREAT GRCA National this year! Truly earned her CCA, scored a 195 with a fun run in Obedience, and picked up her WCX title! She received a Triathlon Award for her efforts and qualifies her for a Versatility Award, too!!
  • Truly got back in to the obedience ring at the WRGRC Specialty May 13th and 14th 2018, earning her first 2 Novice legs and 2 first places!
  • Dec 3rd and 4th, 2016, earned Senior passes back-to-back for her SH title at Palmetto Retriever Club under handler, Mitch White.
  • Oct 8th and 9th, 2016 Truly, handled by Mitch White earned her first two Senior Hunt test passes back-to-back at the American Chesapeake Club Fall Hunt Test.
  • Truly finished her Beginner Novice and Rally Novice titles on April 30th, with her third consecutive runs with Scores of 196 (2rd place) and 93 (3rd place).  We went on to run “bonus” legs with scores of 95 (3rd place) and 194 (1st place).
  • Earned two Beginner Novice legs with scores of 194 (2nd place) and 198.5 (1st place) AND two Rally Novice legs with scores of 95 (2nd place) and a perfect 100 (1st place) at the Terre Haute Cluster April 23rd and 24th 2016.
  • Earned two HRC Started passes for her title at the Tri-State Fall Hunt test, Evansville, IN Sept 19-20, 2015 Owner handled
  • Earned her Working Certificate Title at the 2015 GRCA National Speciality Sept 28, 2015 Owner handled
  • Earned her first AKC Junior Hunt Pass at the 2015 GRCA National Speciality Sept 27, 2015.  Owner handled
  • Earned her 2nd and 3rd Junior Hunt passes Oct 3-4, 2015, with Handler, Mitch White.
  • AKC Junior Hunt title finished at Middle Tennesse Oct 10th, 2015 with handler, Mitch White.
  • After a couple hiccups with bad weather and illness, Truly breezed through all her hunt tests with great style and ease.  At her first HRC test, she received lots of nice comments on her style from the judges.
  • UKC HRC Started Hunt Title earned in two perfect runs March 19th and 20th 2016!


Our first home-bred girl! Out of our Maggie x Jack “A” litter, Truly caught my eye from day one.  She is all I hoped for from this breeding and more.  Truly is a beautiful girl, of typical field-bred type, with a rich, dark golden functional working coat and great pigment.  Gorgeous head with complete bite, nice topline and front with balanced angulations.  She has nice leg to cover ground, standing at 22″.  Truly is in top working condition with excellent muscle tone.

Truly has a great working temperament and attitude, yet has an “off” switch for home life. Loves people of all ages and gets along great with other dogs.  Always willing and eager.  Biddable, intelligent, decent marker in the field & great swimmer.  She has proven that she will move mountains for me.  She does not need heavy corrections, and will bounce back quickly from corrections. She gives it her all on the hunt and has lots of heart.

Truly is training and handed by myself and Mitch White.  She has proven to be an excellent Dam in raising her puppies.

31_Truly_001_GLD15_JRB_W 31_Truly_004_GLD15_JRB_W IMG_9509jr water splash

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